Trade | The work needed to be more relevant in personal narratives
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Storytelling teams must possess an innate understanding of personal narratives and how people participate and consume stories on various platforms

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1 | Personal Narrative Mosaic

Identify direct and adjacent personal narratives in which to credibly participate.


Understanding personal narratives is about mining third-party research documents, search behavior, social media conversations and personal interviews on topics that are directly relevant to the audience. 


2 | Narrative Architecture

Define the thematic structure and tempo of storytelling


Insights from personal narrative exploration and story mining offer editorial and creative teams fuel for ideation that propels theme development. Over time, these themes are then expressed and aligned to each phase of a known customer’s journey.

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3 | Channel Experience Design

Design a blueprint for how people will participate across channels.


Trade’s planning model takes a complete view of peoples’ brand touchpoints across paid, earned and owned media. We have a deep understanding of the context in which people participate in stories in both physical and digital life. 


4 | Participate in Personal Narratives

Bring stories to life across digital platforms with engaging content.


Participating in personal narratives is where stories come to life across channels and media types, and where people begin to include brands as part of their story. Our blended team model allows us to produce and  tailor each story to the platform on which it is being published, pitched or bought in a highly agile manner.

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5 | StoryTelling Organization

Build a storytelling entity that allows brands to continuously engage in personal narratives.


We are not just storytellers – we are also technologists who understand how to implement the right marketing technology, design the workflows and organize people around content-centric solutions. 


6 | Story Performance

Measure your results.


Trade can break down which audiences have the highest levels of participation, which theme is performing best, and what type of content on which platforms are moving people to convert.

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