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We all Trade
We live in the age of consumer empowerment driven by the power of digital, mobile, and social interactions with brands. With buyers firmly in charge, companies must offer value at every touchpoint of customer experience – they must “trade” real value for the eyeballs, attention, time, and hard-earned money of their customers.

Select Clients

We help people who are

  • Wanting to better understand the effectiveness of content within the marketing eco-system.

  • Looking for new ideas that generate more engaging stories over time.

  • Looking to outsource the full lifecycle of storytelling from editorial to publishing and measurement.

  • Wanting to better understand how storytelling should be integrated across channels.

  • Establishing a content marketing team but not sure who’s on it.

  • Considering redefining marketing and analytics operations in support of a more robust content strategy.

Our Approach

Personal Narrative Mosaic
Identify direct and adjacent narratives to credibly participate in

Narrative Architecture
Define the thematic structure and tempo of storytelling

Channel Experience Design
Blueprint how people will participate across channels

Participate in Personal Narratives
Bring stories to life across digital platforms with engaging content

Storytelling Organization
Build the organization that allows brands to continuously engage

Story Performance
Provide visibility into the value of participation in personal narratives

How we do it

1 | Business Transformation

2 | Agile Storytelling

3 | Experience Design