Trade | Five ways to scale your in-house publishing team
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07 Mar Five ways to scale your in-house publishing team

The last decade has fundamentally changed the communications environment. Influence does not just come from those with the biggest audience, real time has become a model of authentic communication and cross channel content consumption is on the rise. The result is that nowadays no two people see the same Internet. We increasingly discover online content not by algorithms but through the “lens of a friend” as Microsoft researcher Dana Boyd likes to call it. So we must offer multiple options that provide paths to engage. These paths are the various themes and stories consumers are actively engaging in, which may or may not be directly associated with your products or services.

Gaining a share of a consumer’s mind in today’s hyper-connected marketplace does not happen with a single home run. It requires an organization to begin acting like a publisher with some fundamentals. Become more diligent with story mining, actively listening to what people are interested in and then efficiently tailoring these stories across platforms in a way that inspires the audience to participate in the dialog. Moving to a publishing-centric mindset can be accelerated by having the right data, tools and work flows in place to help guide creative teams to the right outcomes.

These 5 tips will help you scale your publishing team to handle everything from a multiplatform global editorial plan that operates like a newsroom to a story-centric content campaign.

1. Define the life-cycle of a Story


2. Align editorial calendar’s across the globe


3. Increase mix of content and delivery channels


4. Develop content strategies that ensure stories work across platforms 


5. Build a technology architecture that connects editorial, content delivery, and measurement


Dirk Shaw
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